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Re/Max Town & Country in Berthoud. Committed to You for 30 Years!

Mission Homes Colorado


Welcome to Our Mission


Our 'Homes Built With Purpose' vision is to help rediscover affordability in the new home marketplace. We desire to give purchase power to potential buyers that don’t need or can’t afford the current average American new home, all while sharing our profit with charities who help those in need.  

Our cottages are designed to benefit newlyweds, newly single, single parents, single income, fixed income, downsizers, downshifters, eco-conscious and empty nesters - virtually anyone who wants to spend less money on their home and invest more time enjoying life. We want teachers, first responders, clergy, veterans, senior citizens, and anyone whose only present choice is to rent or live outside of Berthoud to be our neighbors.  If currently the only financial choice available to you is to rent or live outside of Berthoud, one of our Mission Homes Colorado cottages may be a perfect fit.

Built Just Right

Purposefully affordable, local and charitable – this is the heart of Mission Homes. Our cottages are crafted by your neighbors with the right balance of quality, efficiency and livable affordability.    

Built With Purpose

 Mission Homes Cottages are purposefully: 

Right Sized (900-1200 sq. ft)

Right Priced (from the mid $200's)

Right Hometown Team of carefully chosen professionals working to build new homes that are right for you.

Built To Give

We give 25% of our profits to Berthoud, Northern Colorado and non-profit mission organizations around the world, helping your home purchase purposefully benefit your community and beyond. 

Priority List

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