by: Marian Maggi

The stay-at-home orders came just after I visited some of my siblings in Mesa, AZ. I felt so grateful to be able to see my brothers and sisters. We’ve scattered across the country so the times we do spend together feel more exciting.  It’s so easy to put off getting together, thinking that we’re too busy, but this virus has shown me that it’s important to seize the day! When the orders came it was hard for me to slow down (I’m a person who likes to be on-the-go) and actually “stay-at-home”. But now that we are over a month in, I’ve got more of a routine going, and have been able to learn things I’ve been putting off for years! I’ve been knitting socks and slippers while watching entirely too much TV… but I’ve also picked up the piano. After a few days of Zooming with my family, PEO, and working, I realized I needed something else to pass the time. I looked at the beautiful piano that’s been in my husband’s family since 1914– the piano that he learned on, the piano my kids learned on– and I figured it was my turn. I downloaded an amazing app –SimplyPiano–and now I’m all set! It’s been a great way to start my mornings, and to break up my afternoons. And in the afternoons that aren’t too hot I work on my garden. I’ve attached a few photos of my new raised beds!