Congratulations to Hillary and Rob

One of our greatest joys is seeing how people make the houses we help them buy their own. Some of our new neighbors have done such an amazing job updating their new pad. Hillary and Rob are two of the people we’ve happily welcomed to the Berthoud community. What an improvement they’ve made to their new home!

Real Trends 2020 Recognizes Gary Maggi

We are so proud to announce that one of our owners has been selected as one of Real Trends 500 “Best Real Estate Professionals!

“I have had the great fortune to live and work in the Berthoud Community for my entire life. Having grown up in Berthoud, I have a uniquely in-depth amount of local knowledge. I make my living serving the community I love. I am a strong believer in continuing education, and I believe that being involved in my community and my industry are the foundations of success.”

Check the list out here!

Our Lives Outside of Real Estate

By: Marian Maggi

I’m proud to drive and serve on the Board for RAFT (Rural Alternatives for Transportation)

In 2013 Ruth Fletcher-Carter, a woman who grew up in Berthoud and came back after retirement, was made aware of a need that wasn’t being met in our community, and garnered support from her many friends and acquaintances to make RAFT a reality. RAFT provides a donation-only transportation service for seniors over 60, developmentally disabled, and persons who are unable to drive temporarily for medical reasons.  Raft  is working to fulfill a much-needed resource in the Berthoud community, due to the ever-increasing demand from seniors and developmentally disabled.

Transportation is a valuable resource that most of us take for granted as we hop into our cars and drive wherever and whenever we want or need to. But if you’re on a fixed income or unable to drive and don’t have family or friends who can take you to work or medical appointments or even just shopping or to a hair appointment, a trip can be a very costly hit to your limited budget.

If you’re aware of someone who could use RAFT’s service or if you have a flexible schedule and can choose to volunteer 1 or 2 hours per week, consider calling the RAFT office, 970-532-0808. I have found driving for RAFT to be a very satisfying way to volunteer. Getting to know our riders and other drivers has been especially rewarding.

For more information visit our website, berthoud